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Case Study: Storage & Distribution for Kitchen Art 2

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Reliable’s warehousing facilities aren’t only used by some of the UK’s largest companies. We also offer high-quality storage and distribution solutions for small and medium-sized businesses within the Essex area. This was the case for one local business, Kitchen Art 2, a supplier of bespoke kitchens based in Wickford.

Kitchen Art 2’s Problem:

As a supplier of high-spec kitchens, Kitchen Art 2 often have a range of supplies, including units, appliances, fixtures and fittings imported from sources across Europe. These supplies would be ordered for customers well in advance of work beginning to ensure everything was present and correct when that job was due to start.

However, this posed a problem. Whilst the company had a shop front, they lacked a suitable facility for storage whilst all the supplies were being delivered and collated. They realised that they needed a cost-effective solution to their storage and distribution problem, so they approached Reliable.

Reliable’s Solution:

Kitchen Art 2’s supplies were sent over from Europe in bulk via groupage haulier, this meant that the arrival time of the goods would often be unpredictable. Furthermore, the delivery driver was unable to unload the goods individually, meaning they were at risk of arriving incorrectly or potentially damaged.

To combat this, we accepted delivery into our warehouse, before unloading each item individually and checking that they were all correct and in good condition. We then securely stored them in our temperature-controlled facility and sent our client a notification of the product’s safe arrival. We would often be holding and collating stock for between four and five customers at a time.

When all parts had arrived and installation was ready to commence, Kitchen Art 2 contacted us to arrange for delivery direct to site. The Reliable team would then transport all components of the kitchen required and place them to specification on-site, before receiving sign-off from Kitchen Art 2.

The solutions that we provided for the business brought the benefits of cost-effectiveness and convenience. Through using Reliable, Kitchen Art 2 saved on the significant expense of operating their own warehouse, including employing a warehouse manager and delivery staff. Reliable offers a flexible option with fixed costs that keeps expenses at a minimum.

If your business has a logistical conundrum that needs a solution, make sure you give us a call on 0800 093 1990 or email us at Whether you need storage and distribution for your small business in Essex or are a large company seeking a bespoke service, our logistics experts can deliver the solution that your business needs.

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